I love writing, and along with some friends I write regular(ish) articles over at

How to decide what to learn next

Or: Help! I am drowning in knowledge!
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Do you really need a CMS?

Escaping the dynamic content pitfalls
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From Sublime Text to VS Code

Ready for a change of scenery?
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One challenge of this industry is the breakneck speed of change. Writing is an effort to try and stay on top as I find it the best way to learn.

In addition, the below is a list of blogs and podcasts that I have built up over the years. Created by people a lot smarter than me these have helped me immensely.

  • Newsletters. I check these daily.
  • Hacker News I find a lot of useful stuff on here.
  • Mostly design & UX related, always good stuff.
  • Echo.js Javascript news.